Stanford volleyball players celebrate their title with new hairstyles

Posted by Fox Sports on Monday, June 26, 2020 09:06:53The Stanford women’s basketball team celebrated its third straight NCAA tournament title on Monday by going back to basics and replacing their new hairstyle with a simple, straight haircut.

The Golden Bears beat Florida State 77-64 in the semifinals to advance to the finals for the first time since 2009.

The team’s new hairstylist, Lisa Tresler, said she had been working with the team on the issue for about a month.

She said the new hairstyling was an easy change for players to make.

“We’re so excited for this year,” Treslers coach Kelly O’Connor said.

“We’ve been trying to get them to go back to the basics, which is the traditional short-cropped hair and to have that natural, relaxed look.

It’s not to cut your hair short, it’s to have a natural look.

So it’s just been about getting them to do that.

We think they’re really excited about it, and it’s been a real fun year to work with them on it.”

The new look, which debuted in March, was inspired by the Stanford men’s basketball uniform.

The women’s team wore a white sleeveless T-shirt and a black and white Nike Air Max 350 shoe.

The Warriors wore a pair of white shorts, white sneakers and black socks.

The new hairstier said she got the idea for the change while working with her husband on a different uniform for the team.

“I’ve been working on a uniform and thought, ‘Oh, I’m going to just take that and do something different for the players,'” she said.

“He had a lot of ideas, and I kind of thought, I’d have to go with that, and that was the look.”

The Warriors are still looking for the perfect look for the men’s and women’s teams, but said the hairstyle has not been a problem.

“It’s not a big deal for us,” head coach Steve Kerr said.

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