The Washington Post

A Washington Post report on the high cost of playing volleyball: The cost of a round of singles and doubles, according to a report released Wednesday, was the highest it’s been in five years.

The report, based on data from the United States Tennis Association and the National Basketball Association, found that a single-set match in the men’s singles division cost $1,895 in 2014.

That figure has climbed to $2,734 in the women’s singles, $2.25 per set in the doubles and $2 per set for men.

But the cost of the top 16 teams in the singles division, which included the top eight teams in men’s doubles, has dropped to $1.75 per set.

That number is up from $1 per set the year before, but is still well below the national average of $2 a set.

The cost is also well below what it was a year ago, when the average was $3 per set, according the report.

The price of a single match has also dropped sharply in the past five years: Last year, $835 was spent on a single set, up from an average of about $750.

This year, the figure is $790.

The National Basketball League reported Wednesday that the average cost of winning a singles match last season was $1.,845.

The figure was up from about $1 million last year, and up from the $1 for a match in 2014, the report said.

The figures were compiled by consulting firm Accenture, and are based on a survey of tennis players, coaches and other industry participants.

The association’s executive director, Brian Nesbitt, said in a statement that the cost has been “staggering” in recent years.

“We are not seeing the same improvement as we did a decade ago,” he said.

“The trend is clear: We are spending less and less on tennis in the U.S., and that is hurting our players.”

The association is trying to make its players pay more for the sport.

A player can earn $100,000 for a three-year contract, and players must pay a minimum of $150,000 annually to qualify for the league’s lucrative prize money.

Players have also been paying a lot of money for the privilege of playing in the national spotlight.

A high-profile example is the recent investigation into whether former New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony used his endorsement deals to avoid paying taxes on his millions of dollars in income.

The inquiry has also resulted in an investigation into the performance of the New York Rangers’ star Henrik Lundqvist, who has played for seven NHL teams.

The league has been working to reduce costs by increasing the salaries of players and by changing the way players and their agents negotiate contracts.

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