What to know about Israel’s volleyball team, its sponsors and the upcoming U.N. tournament

In March, Israel’s national volleyball team took home the gold medal in the U.S. women’s volleyball tournament at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona.

The team was sponsored by Israel’s largest and most famous sports franchise, the Israeli Basketball Association.

Since then, Israeli basketball has been gaining momentum with the support of the Israeli Olympic Committee.

Israel’s basketball team, the Israel National Basketball Team, also holds the record for most wins in a season with 17.

Israel won four games in the last five months and secured the bronze medal at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.

The basketball team is coached by former Israeli basketball coach, Elisha Marmor, who also happens to be the coach of the Israel Basketball Federation.

“I am proud of the team’s achievement and its determination to win a gold medal,” said Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, who has been in office since 2005.

The Israeli Basketball Federation is the country’s governing body and oversees the basketball program in the country.

It has been a sponsor of the national basketball team since 2004 and has become one of the most prominent Israeli sports organizations.

Israel has not participated in any of the international competitions since the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Israel is one of just six countries in the world that don’t have a team of professional players.

“We are not interested in the Olympics, we are not even interested in playing basketball,” Marmor said, according to Israel’s Channel 2 News.

“This is not our sport.

This is our sport for fun.”

The team’s name translates to “Iron Horse,” after its team captain, Marmor.

“It is the honor of the nation to sponsor the Israel national team, and we are looking forward to the upcoming games,” the Israeli basketball association said in a statement.

The league has been involved in the Israeli government’s efforts to increase the participation of Israelis in international competitions, and the team is expected to face South Africa in Rio next month.

The association has been lobbying to increase sponsorship opportunities for Israel in international tournaments, according the Israeli sports news site Haaretz.

“The Israel National Team is proud to be part of the Olympics and we will continue to support the Israeli national team in the years ahead,” Mar Mor said.

“As the Israeli athlete, I feel that Israel is playing a role in global events and this is something that is extremely important for the country.”

Marmor was appointed the team captain for the team in August and has been the face of the sport in Israel.

He has a reputation as a very loyal and loyal coach, according his teammates.

“He is a big guy, he has a lot of talent,” said Zechariah Shaul, a team member.

“For a guy like him, it is very difficult to find time to be in front of the computer.

He doesn’t take breaks.

He just does his job.”

Israel’s Olympic teams have won gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and silver at the 2014 Sochi Winter Games.

It is not clear when the Israel team will compete in the upcoming Rio Olympics.

Israeli basketball players have not won a gold or silver medal in international competition since 2006.

They have been the subject of some criticism by the international community for their lack of international experience.

Israel hosts the 2022 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro.

The Israel Basketball Association has not commented on the current status of the basketball team.

The federation is scheduled to hold its next meeting on August 23.

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