Hockey fans get their first taste of life in the Big Apple

The sport of hockey is slowly being embraced by New Yorkers, who will soon be able to go to a beach volleyball court in Brooklyn and watch a hockey game.

The game is being played at the Olympic Village, a park located in Prospect Park in the borough’s Central Park neighborhood.

It’s not known if the city’s first soccer court will be added to the list of arenas.

The first game is scheduled for Oct. 31, but there are plenty of other sports to be played in the area.

“We want to make it a great experience for everybody in the city, but it’s important for us to give them something new,” said Mark Sjodin, executive director of the Olympic Sports Group, the organization that operates the Olympic Park.

The park’s basketball court, soccer field, tennis court, volleyball court, and water polo court are all open to the public, with a separate outdoor area for children and adults.

The arena, which is not connected to the Olympic village, is being built to accommodate hockey players and their families, Sjolins said.

It will have two seating areas, a large lounge area, and a lounge area for families.

The ice rink, the only ice rink in the park, is open to spectators during the game.

While the ice rink has been used as a practice area for some of the games, it’s not yet a fully functional facility, Sjaovic said.

The rink will have the capacity to play around 600 games per day.

The area is not expected to be a home away from home for hockey players, who are not allowed to practice in the arena, Sjsjodins said, because the arena has no concession stands.

The facility has an elevator that will allow fans to enter and exit.

Sjodines said he has a group of friends who have had the chance to play in the outdoor arena and they are excited about it.

“It’s a great place to be, but I think the players are going to be very happy,” he said.

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